The Four Paths of Yoga


As yoga has gained popularity in the west, many  people do not realize that “yoga” is much more than the “yoga class”. The OM Tribe is inspired by the Four Paths of Yoga as a way to build a heart-centered community in Central Illinois.

The Yoga of Service
Karma Yoga
The path of Karma (kär-mə) Yoga is the path of selfless service. To be of service in this way is to offer ourselves fully without any want for reward or even the need to be recognized. We do our duty in gratitude and joy for the sake of doing it, knowing that we come together to support one another and make our community a better place.
Could include: volunteer to pick up trash, serve in a soup kitchen, mentor a child, etc.

The Yoga of Body/Mind Connection
Raja Yoga
The path of Raja (rä-jə) Yoga is the most well known path of yoga in the West. It is the path of physical and mental balance. This is where we are introduced to postures and meditation, as well as moral and ethical guidelines.
Could include: yoga classes and meditation practice

The Yoga of Intellect
Jnana Yoga
The path of Jnana (jəˈnänə) Yoga is the path of knowledge. It is through intellect and study that we inquire into the nature of our own minds. By reading and being inspired by writings and discussions, we begin to find how the wisdom in the teachings of others can help us to navigate our own life lessons and personal growth.
Could include: book clubs, discussion groups, self development courses, etc.

The Yoga of Love
Bhakti Yoga
The path of Bhakti (bək-tē) Yoga is the path of devotion. It is the belief that truly, love is all you need and with love all things are possible. Rising up singing and dancing in praise and celebration, people on the Bhakti Yoga path find that they align with and aim to embody unconditional love.
Could include: gathering to sing, dance, and make music